What is the Open Spirit Task Force?

The New England Annual Conference mandate to the Open Spirit Task Force is “to examine whether and how United Methodists of New England might align with, create, or form a new church body in the Methodist tradition (independently or in collaboration with others).”

What you will find on this web site.

Five Teams are doing the work of the Open Spirit Task Force. You can explore the progress of each of the Teams by clicking on the menu items above.  The work of the five Teams will be periodically posted on each of the Team pages. 
In addition, you will find additional information on the “Resources” page.  There you will find useful and informative material including press releases, additional materials supplied to the Task Force, and useful information which comes from other Annual Conferences from across the United Methodist Church.
Finally, if you wish to be in communication with the OSTF, you can send us an email by scrolling to the bottom of this page and sending an email from the form there, or you can use the “Contact Us” page.

Who we are:

  • Maddie Akeley, Thornton Heights, TRI, ME, Lay
  • Hannah Bell-Lambardo, Shepherd of the Valley, RIM, RI, Lay
  • Tom Bentum, Gales Ferry, CWM, CT, Clergy
  • Linda Brewster, Turtle Road UMC, TRI, ME, Clergy
  • Adama Brown-Hathaway, Union, MBH, MA, Lay
  • We Chang, District, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Sang Cho, St. John’s Korean, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Jinwoo Chun, Belfast, MME, ME, Clergy
  • Christian De La Rosa, BUSTH, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Stephanie Finley, Community, MBH, MA, Lay
  • Virginia Fryer, Bow Mills, NH, NH, Clergy
  • Sara Garrard, Old West, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Becca Girrell, Lebanon, NH, NH, Clergy
  • Wayne Griffeth-Hurst, Charleston, NME, ME, Lay
  • Kathryn Johnson, Parkway, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Ross Johnson, St. Stephen’s, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Jacob Juncker, Franklin, CMA, MA, Clergy
  • Nory Leachon, Pleasant St./St. Luke’s, NH, NH, Clergy
  • Hope Luckie, Crawford UMC, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • John Lucy, Jerico/Waterbury, VT, VT, Clergy
  • Chico Martin, Champlain Islands, VT, VT, Clergy
  • Shandi Mawokaomatanda  , Wesley, CMA, MA, Clergy
  • Lisa McColgan, Dalton, CWM, MA, Lay
  • Breanne McFarland, FUMC Burlington, VT, VT, Lay
  • Richard Morris, Sudbury, CMA, MA, Lay
  • Ashley Murphy, Carter Memorial, CMA, MA, Clergy
  • Pam Palm, Presque Isle, NME, ME, Lay
  • Wes Palmer, Wells, TRI, ME, Clergy
  • Mike Pike, Portsmouth, RIM, RI, Clergy
  • Erica Robinson-Johnson, NEAC, NEAC, MA, Clergy
  • Colin Simson, Crawford UMC, MBH, MA, Lay
  • Abraham Waya, Central UMC, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Christy Wright, George Whitefield, CMA, MA, Clergy

OSTF Leadership:

OSTF Co-chairs
*Adama Brown-Hathaway
* Hope Luckie
* Ashley Murphy
Representatives to the Steering Committee
* Jinwoo Chun
* Abraham Waya
Advisors to OSTF
* Rene Wilbur, Conference Lay Leader
* Jill Colley Robinson, Dean of the Cabinet
* Jay Williams, head of the NEAC Delegation to GC 2020 and JC 2020


  • Scott Campbell
  • Jerome Del Pino
  • Chris Evans
  • Stewart Lanier
  • Wendell Luke
  • Bert Whittier
  • Nancy Wichmann

How to contact the OSTF:

Feel free to use the form below, or from your own email app, email us at OpenSpiritNE@mail.com.
You call also comment directly on the content of this web site at the very bottom of many pages. Please note: this is a moderated site; therefore, comments will not appear immediately.

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