Update: Legal/Ethics/Structure — 10/31/2019

The work of the Legal/Ethical/Structural Team is multifaceted and complex. Below is a broad-scope summary of the team’s work to date.The team began their work with an in-depth review of the UM Constitution and 2016 Book of Discipline. In summary, the team found the following to be true of the legal structure of the UMC:Continue reading “Update: Legal/Ethics/Structure — 10/31/2019”

Update: Options/Organization – October 25, 2019

The Options/Organization Team has met three times.Our work is currently focused on three different areas.First, we are gathering information and studying the various plans, proposals and approaches that are emerging regarding a way forward for the UMC. We are seeking to fully understand these plans and proposals with an eye to which of them representsContinue reading “Update: Options/Organization – October 25, 2019”

Update: Finance – 09/25/2019

September 23, 2019 Summary The role of the Finance Team is to help identify and quantify the possible financial challenges and available resources for the options specified by the Task Force for aligning with, creating, or forming a new church body in the Methodist tradition (independently or in collaboration with others). In particular, the TeamContinue reading “Update: Finance – 09/25/2019”

Update: Theology/Spirituality – 09/20/2019

As of September 19, 2019, our sub-committee has focused our conversations on re-informing ourselves on the history and heritage of the people called Methodists generally and in New England specifically.  To do the former, we’ve dived into reading, including on queer theology and the history of Methodist splits; to do the latter, we’ve invited someContinue reading “Update: Theology/Spirituality – 09/20/2019”