What does the Communications team do?

The Communications Team crafts a compelling narrative that

  • explains what is happening in transparent and accessible terms
  • invites people to join in work that is happening
  • shares what we are doing in local churches and ministry settings
  • informs people about the various ways they can participate in this work
  • captures how this is part of God’s of ongoing work of love

After the January 2020 retreat, this team will lead the larger OSTF in creating something that can be shared with churches, church leaders and members about the discussions, actions and potential next steps. This conversation will also encourage churches to join in conversations with other Methodist communities to increase understanding and to build relationships.

Who we are:

  • Maddie Akeley, Thornton Heights, TRI, ME, Lay  
  • Jinwoo Chun, Belfast, NME, ME, Clergy
  • Stephanie Finley, Community, MBH, MA, Lay, Secretary
  • Virginia Fryer, Bow Mills, NH, NH, Clergy
  • Ross Johnson, St. Stephen’s, MBH, MA, Clergy, Team Leader  
  • Lisa McColgan, Dalton, CWM, MA, Lay
  • Erica Robinson-Johnson, NEAC, NEAC, MA, Clergy
  • Christy Wright, George Whitefield, CMA, MA, Clergy

Our Work so far…

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