What does the Finance team do?

The Finance Team helps to identify possible financial challenges and resources for:

  • a new structure
  • assisting churches who choose to disaffiliate.

Who we are:

  • Hannah Bell-Lambardo, Shepherd of the Valley, RIM, RI, Lay
  • Sara Garrard, Old West, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Wayne Griffeth-Hurst, Charleston, NME, ME, Lay  
  • Chico Martin, Champlain Islands, VT, VT, Clergy
  • Richard Morris, Sudbury, CMA, MA, Lay, Secretary
  • Wes Palmer, Wells, TRI, ME, Clergy, Team Leader
  • Abraham Waya, Central, MBH, MA, Clergy

Our Work so far…

  • Update: Finance – 09/25/2019 - September 23, 2019 Summary The role of the Finance Team is to help identify and quantify the possible financial challenges and available resources for the options specified by the Task Force for aligning with, creating, or forming a new church body in the Methodist tradition (independently or in collaboration with others). In particular, the TeamContinue reading "Update: Finance – 09/25/2019"

2 thoughts on “Finance

    1. Ernie, yes both Pensions and Insurance are part of our work as is the entire Conference budget. We will be studying the costs that the Conference will receive related to any churches that want to disaffiliate and the possible costs related to the Conference leaving the denomination all together.


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