What does the Legal/Ethics/Structure team do?

The Legal/Ethics/Structure Team addresses these issues which arise in any systemic change. The team gives special attention to the work of anti-racism and justice in order to thoughtfully offer responses to questions like:

  • Which legal matters and Disciplinary sections are of greatest concern?
  • What is the legal status of the AC and the local church? 
  • Are the AC and the local church distinct or separate organizations, or corporations?
  • Is the trust clause still relevant and enforceable?
  • Which Book of Discipline sections or paragraphs should be changed? 
  • Why have a Book of Discipline?

Who we are:

  • Tom Bentum, Gales Ferry, CWM, CT, Clergy
  • Jacob Juncker, Franklin, CMA, MA, Clergy 
  • Breanne McFarland, FUMC Burlington, VT, VT, Lay
  • Ashley Murphy, Carter Memorial, CMA, MA, Clergy, Secretary
  • Colin Simson, Crawford UMC, MBH, MA, Lay, Team Leader

Our Work so far…


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