What does the Options/Organization team do?

History will get ahead of us here since there will be a lot of proposals heading to General Conference making the work of this team most timely and important.  Keeping the dozen churches that are ready to disaffiliate in mind as well as the small group of leaders who are already doing some of this work in the AC, The Options/Organization Team will develop and share assessments of the organizational plans that have been created and shared throughout the denomination since GC 2019 (e.g., Bard Jones Plan, Regional Conference Plan, and others). This team will work toward making a recommendation on how the NEAC can move forward.

Who we are:

  • Christian De La Rosa, BUSTH, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Becca Girrell, Lebanon, NH, NH, Clergy
  • Kathryn Johnson, Parkway, MBH, MA, Clergy, Team Leader
  • Nory Leachon, Pleasant St/St. Luke’s, NH, NH, Clergy
  • Pam Palm, Presque Isle, NME, ME, Lay, Secretary
  • Mike Pike, Portsmouth, RIM, RI, Clergy

Our Work so far…

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