Here you will find links and other information related to the work of the Open Spirit Task Force and to the issues emerging as we “examine whether and how United Methodists of New England might align with, create, or form a new church body in the Methodist tradition (independently or in collaboration with others).”

The links below provide access to additional information and resources.
Note: For spreadsheets and other documents contained within a window below, please use keyboard arrow keys, or drag the embedded item to view the entire document.

The Resist Harm Movement (#ResistHarm) is an emerging movement across United Methodism in the U.S. The link below is to a news story by the United Methodist News Service.

The button below will take you to links to several proposed plans for the future of Methodism, for related GC2020 legislation, and for additional analysis and insights of the linked plans.

The button below will take you to the Wespath web site which details proposed changes to pensions and heath benefits for the UMC and any emerging expressions of Methodism. (Wespath…is a not-for-profit administrative agency of The United Methodist Church, responsible for the general supervision and administration of the retirement, health and welfare benefit plans, programs and funds for more than 100,000 active and retired clergy and lay employees of the Church)

The button below will take you to links related to each of the major plans submitted to the 2020 General Conference.

The following web site is the work of a group of committed New England laity and clergy. It contains many informative links.

If you would like to view the above spreadsheet directly, click on the link below.

The following is a Press Release reporting that nine NEAC churches have begun a discernment process looking toward possible disaffiliation with the United Methodist Church.

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    1. Thanks for your question, Dan. We’ve added a link that will take you directly to the spreadsheet in Google Sheets. That may provide a more efficient way to print the spreadsheet.


  1. The [Comparing Pathways] chart contains two areas of considerations that are totally blank. Hopefully, the chart will present a more balanced presentation of the dynamics of each plan by filling-in the rows titled “Impact on local churches” and Impact on Clergy”.

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