What does the Theology/Spirituality team do?

The Theology/Spirituality Team is helping to ground the work of the OSTF in a strong Wesleyan theology (personal piety and social holiness). The Team is committed to developing a theological foundation that is grace-filled, inclusive and just, while sharing resources that inform and enhance our spiritual life as we move through this season of change. 

Who we are:

  • Adama Brown-Hathaway, Union, MBH, MA, Lay
  • We Chang, District, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Sang Cho, St. John’s Korean, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • Hope Luckie, Crawford UMC, MBH, MA, Clergy
  • John Lucy, Jerico/Waterbury, VT, VT, Clergy, Secretary
  • Shandi Mawokaomatanda, Wesley, CMA, MA, Clergy, Team Leader

Our work so far…

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